I hope people realize that personal training doesn't have to be a scary experience; I know individuals see professional trainers on TV and they think that is what personal training is all about. It Is Not.

I have trained the most sedentary people to the highest level of athletes and no two people will ever be trained the same way. My programming is individualized, specialized and directed toward each person's needs and personal goals. I love working with all different types of people because each individual's life style, and personal experiences, challenge me as a trainer.

I provide all types of training with many different types of equipment - high intensity interval training, weight training, core training, Pilates training (mat, reformer, chair) additional equipment includes but not limited to, TRX, Precor elliptical, VersaClimber, Tour de France bike, medicine balls, slide board, Indo Board, core board, Bosu balance trainer, Airex cushion, step, stability balls, kettle bells, bands, dumbbells, Bosu ballast ball, body bars and more. 

Let me help you feel Amazing - Leaner, Longer, Sturdier, Stronger - I promise you that it will be the best thing you've ever done for yourself!