"When I first went to Patrice I had been through two knee surgeries and a foot surgery on my right side. After my foot surgery I had to be non weight bearing for 6 weeks and by the time I could start doing physical therapy my muscles in that leg had atrophied, I still walked with a limp, I could not go up and down stairs unaided, I had plantar fasciitis, was out of shape and had very little confidence I would ever feel good again. After being released from physical therapy I knew I was still very badly out of shape and needed help to get my confidence back as well as my physical strength and flexibility. A friend suggested calling Patrice Martin and I’m so grateful I did. Patrice understood my needs and genuinely cared about me. She gently but firmly encouraged me to go beyond my comfort zone and through her knowledge of anatomy and exercise I started feeling better and more energized within a few weeks. My husband has his wife back, my children and grandchildren have their mom and grandmother back. I’ve since been on numerous trips including Italy where I walked over 100 miles. I’ve been going to Patrice for 2 years now. She is extremely knowledgeable, patient, encouraging, friendly and I am so grateful to her for helping me get healthy both physically and emotionally!!" 

-Kay Mammen 

"Patrice has been the perfect mix of 'tough' and 'encouraging' for me. She created an individualized training program that pushes me past my personal limitations, while empowering my overall well being. Her passion and knowledge, along with her genuine caring personality, create the perfect environment for me to achieve my fitness goals."

-Megan Shetler

"When I met Patrice, I found an incredible trainer, life coach and friend. From years of experience, she has a deep understanding of the human body and knows how to customize her training sessions to correct muscle imbalances and prevent injury.  In the process, she helps you to discover both your physical and inner strength.  Patrice is an exceptional person and my life would not be the same without her encouragement and guidance.  You will be extremely fortunate to have her on your team."

-Mairi G. Leining, MD

"I have trained with Patrice since 2001. She is a personal trainer extraordinaire. Thanks to her I have the flexibility, balance, core strength and endurance to dig in the garden, chase the grandkids or run a marathon injury free. The workouts she designs are unique, effective and fun. Patrice is a trainer for LIFE." 

-Gayle Higman 

"I have had the pleasure of training with Patrice for 8 months. I can truly say she has transformed me both physically and mentally. I came to her 5 months after having my first child. I have been an athlete all my life, but after having my daughter, I was struggling with postpartum depression and couldn’t find the motivation to return to a healthy exercise program. I needed a coach…what I got was a coach, and a friend. Patrice is patient and kind. She listens to your goals and forms an encouraging partnership with you to reach them in a healthy manner. Patrice ensures that you are in proper form throughout every exercise. Her awareness about this has kept me injury and pain free throughout the entire time I have been training with her. I cannot say that for any other trainer or coach I have ever worked with. Aside from being a phenomenal trainer, she is one of the most kind, genuine, and caring people I have ever known. She has a heart of gold. I would work out with her everyday for the rest of my life if I could! If you decide to train with Patrice, it will be one of the greatest gifts you’ve ever given yourself – strength, health, and a good friend." 

-Jessica Doucette  

"Patrice is that unique and powerful combination of a great trainer and a truly wonderful person. I cannot recommend her more highly."

-Jacki Zehner

"We have been working individually with Patrice for over a year doing both Pilates and weight training.  We have both benefited tremendously from our workouts and feel that our core strength, balance and stability have greatly improved, not to mention our golf games!! Patrice develops programs specifically designed for our individual needs and her one on one attention has helped us avoid injuries that we have experienced with previous trainers.  Working with Patrice is a pleasure!!"

-Diane and Dan Siegel

"Patrice Martin has been a godsend for me. I've been training with her for more than 5 years. She has seen me through injury, surgery and repair. I honestly don't know where I would be without her.  She's helped me with posture, flexibility, strength and balance. She honestly cares about her clients' goals and the results are amazing."

-Terri Yeckley 

"Returning to my regular daily activities after experiencing a major stroke was the biggest challenge I’ve ever faced. After countless hours of frustration with physical and occupational therapists I agreed to try Pilates and a few other core centric exercises with Patrice. The results were amazing! Within a few months I no longer felt “lopsided” and was walking without a limp, and within a year I was back to running five miles with no noticeable difference from my earlier days. But, truthfully, it would be incorrect to give credit to Pilates; the success was due to Patrice, whose dedication to my recovery and patience with my frustration was truly life changing for me. Thank you Patrice!"

-Bruce Malcolm

"Patrice is the body whisperer.  If your body needs strength, she helps you find that.  If it’s flexibility you need, you’ll create that. You’ll get toned and fit no matter what when you work with Patrice, but you’ll also find that you are calmer, clearer, and more focused on what really matters to you, and where you wish to take your life next.  

Patrice helps you step into your power in this gentle, seamless way — as a coach, a professional, and a trusted friend (ok, I'll say it, like a therapist many days!).After even just a few weeks working with her, you begin realizing that you are reaching personal goals, and you're getting there in this gracious step-by-step way, without any of the resistance, aggression, or shaming that seem de rigueur in some modern culture spaces. And that process and progress absolutely takes hold beyond the physical, too. 

Patrice’s breadth of knowledge, wise pacing, true friendship, and insightful guidance creates a foundation that you will carry with you the rest of your life. Your body, your spirit, and your most fabulous outfits! will thank you over and over."  

— Mary Beth Maziarz, award-winning songwriter and author of “Kick-Ass Creativity”

"I have trained with the exceptional and talented Patrice Martin for 15 years. Her support, guidance, confidence and spirit have sustained me in my fitness goals and in life. I recommend Patrice as an incredible trainer. She is quite simply...the best."

-Meredith Parsons